Our beloved Jamaican musician and rapper , best known for his freestyle to Jay Z and R. Kelly's song The Best of Both Worlds - changed to "Don't Tek Di Vaccine". Remeece  has appeared at numerous medical freedom  protests in the United Kingdom and his outreach protest to secondary schools in the UK shot him to notoriety in the movement. Remeece's work has been featured on Sky News, The Sun, Yahoo! News, and Metro, as well as performing with Piers Corbyn.

We are so excited to have Remeece with us this year at Sounds Beautiful as one of our Saturday night headliners!


Meet the Daz Boys...

Gary wants be a part of a movement that takes everyone into consideration. To spread a message of togetherness and hope. That we can once again believe in a brighter future and no longer be fearful of a world we are raising our children in.

Phil is the old man of the band ..he’s been involved with include cult 90s band The Acrobats of Sa and its offshoot, e-god, and more recently, the singer/songwriter Linda Campbell.he’s had an inherent mistrust of authority and the system. These days, he’s very excited to be a part of not only this project but also of his health and ancestral awareness project, The Human Unleashed and his esteemed colleagues there with whom he co-authored their new book, The Red Pill Revolution

Daz is a a committed activist for truth, justice and freedom for the individual everywhere.

At the end of 2013, Darren wrote the now worldwide protest anthem ‘We are the 99%’ aka 'Stick your new world order up your arse', which has fired the movement and found new life since 2020. In September 2020, he launched The Light truthpaper (, a national publication free to the reader, and it's developing into a vital outlet for the truth

Kirk (The Kirkinator) is our incredible lead guitarist, hailing from Southport in Lancashire. Born in 1991, the baby of the band at 31 says he took command of the guitar from the age of 9, and it wasn’t long before it became a part of his being - an extension of his soul! Playing numerous sessions and gigs in the music industry for two thirds of his life, Kirk has also worked in luthiery and electronics, building guitars, amps and pedals, and helps produce the band's sound.


Victorious is very well known 9 piece band in Brighton and whole South Coast (if not UK). England land of freedom, thanks to Magna Carta. They are, probably, the most cancelled band in history and "Brighton's biggest freedom fighter band, raising the vibe and bringing some much needed joy to these times". Victorious, is "a self funded band dedicated to bringing up the vibe and maybe a bit of extra joy into the world. The second most cancelled/de-platformed band in Brighton!" 

We caught them at Jam for Freedom festival where in spite of having no stage they gave an outstanding performance and got the whole crowd into a frenzy of excitement ...not to be missed ! 


It’s a bold move when a member of a legendary group releases a solo project. But UB40 featuring Ali Campbell and Astro’s former vocalist Matt Hoy  took  the plunge with his debut album. Don’t worry – he pulled it off with aplomb.

Matt has been on a massive journey since he was forced to leave  the band over his medical choices and now forges his own solo career whilst promoting the freedom cause. 

"He has that rich, expressive tone that’s often lacking from some artists. I’m not one for comparisons, of which this is not. But you can hear Hoy was influenced by George Michael, and this is in no way a bad thing. His ability to switch between a rounded, Soulful horizontal embouchure and a more pointed vertical one shows the depth of thought that goes into every word. Throughout the album his phrasing and use on intonation is perfect. Hoy is a quality vocalist; intuitively so."

Matt Hoy: Touch review – Steve Topple for

Singing his own awesome reggae tunes he brings the flavour of the reggae scene with him and we are so chuffed to have him headline our Friday night.  


Hollowbone are an indie, funk rock band based in South West England.

They are currently working on their first album - Vertigo - of which 'Why Ever Would You' is the first release.

Ant (vocals), Toby (guitar) and Adam (drums).

Hollowbone perform in and around their home areas of Devon, and Cornwall as well as further afield.


James- This is a man blessed with a Beautiful voice and timeless  sound, a real pleasure to listen to" 

(BBC introducing)

James Broughton  recorded and produced his latest album independently  at Chapel Studios Germany with Pete Junge and features the like of  Robbie McIntosh ( The Pretenders ) Gus Robinson (Razorlight) and Steve Smith (Sandy Thom) 

No  wonder he brushes shoulders with such eminent musicians ... his songwriting is the stuff of legends and has taken him on a hugely exciting musical career before family commitments meant he had to focus closer to home.

Luckily he's local to us and can hop down to grace us with his talent. An act not to be missed...


Sounds Beautiful Director Wendy Jane joins the line up with her band singing the sounds of freedom.

 Outlandish comprises 4 members including 3 singer songwriters each established in their own right.  Featuring  the sound of Wendy Jane, Kez Hinton, Graeme Wey and percussionist Elaine Richmond, they bring their own unique sound, rich with lush harmonies and instrumentation.

Together they move seamlessly between styles and instruments from guitar, harp, flute, harmonium, mandolin, piano, bass and hand percussion to create an enchanting and heartfelt set.

 Drawing on a wealth of diverse influences including world music, traditional, funk, celtic, blues, folk and more, their live performances feature original songs as well as a few fresh cover arrangements, with lyrics boldly exploring everything from current world topics to the delicate human soul.

Catch them again at the Hope Sussex festival and Kez at Stand in the Light ...


Hot off the back of last years tour with Hi Rez we have the energetic and lyrically crafted performances of Ryan Sanders.

We saw him at Jam for Freedom festival and were blown away by his sheer energy and enthusiasm for truth and justice.


The Well are a trio of creative spirits with very different artistic and cultural backgrounds who have formed an enthusiastic and sympathetic friendship making music they describe as alt-folk. 

 Initially put together for a single event, through recommendation and word of mouth they continue to play together and have been organically building their sound and repertoire around the original songs of their main writer Rich Hale.  

Rich is a sometime member of the chill out group Kinobe, while Philip Starnier and Stummer have enjoyed successful and rewarding careers in acting and contemporary dance respectively before returning to their own musical roots.


Sometime around 1962 Gustav Clarkson saw the Beatles playing 'Love Me Do' on top of the pops. Upon finding her son listening to such ghastly modern music or 'jazz music' as she labelled anything outside of her classical interests, his mother quickly turned off the TV and made sure that her sons' Viola practise was no longer tarnished with such 'worldly concerns'.

Fast forward to 2007 and a 17 year old Orlando Clarkson quietly began playing bass guitar in an alternative rock group, making sure not to tell his Viola playing father, who he was quite sure would be left wanting upon hearing this new 'musical' project. 10 year later, after having played bass and singing in bands with influences ranging from hard rock to chet baker jazz, Orlando finally began his own project.

Finding his fellow musicians busy with other projects, Orlando began fulfilling all the roles of a traditional band himself. Through the challenge of being a bassist, guitarist and singer all at once, a unique live experience was formed...

Orlando could be found round the Sounds Beautiful fire last year and is one of our biggest supporters , we are delighted to have him as we go national ....



Trevor John has been raising vibes and poking fun at the slime since the beginning of the nonsense. If you made it to any of the London marches you’ll have heard him enthusiastically yelling “Vaccine Criminal” and “That’s a Moron” through his trusty megaphone (which kept breaking)

A regular performer at SITP Superstands across the UK, his songs “Truth Freedom Justice Love” “That’s a Moron” “He ain’t my King” and “(Eugenecists) Off you Pop” have all featured on Mark Devlin’s Sounds of Freedom.

He’s currently recording songs for his forthcoming album “The facepalm years”

“Trevor John’s That’s a Moron should be the next anthem” Mark Devlin


A fresh acoustic duo playing a smooth mix of styles with rich vocal harmonies and guitar, Crystal Visions perform songs from an extensive repertoire of popular artists as well as their own self penned material. It  brings together the talents of two highly regarded musicians and singer songwriters, Rachel Ann and Kez Hinton.

Kez is a guitarist extraordinaire, songwriter ( also in the band OUTLANDISH performing on Saturday ). Rachel's Ann's vocal talent is outstanding and she is a powerful songwriter .. don't miss them..


Bob is a soul folk Singer-songwriter, Author, & beekeeper who makes music that is Earthy, soulful & simple. 

His music carries a strong message for this time. He sings & writes about change, Empowerment, & how to remain positive in these times of transition. 

Bob is a champion & forerunner of the growing new global ‘Consciousness Movement’ & ‘Slow Music’ scene that is rising in momentum & challenging the mainstream. He is a passionate advocate of the strong need for Change in the world right now - & believes its ‘now or never..!’

His songs have a message of ‘Simplification’ & ‘Back to Roots’ running strongly through them. 

 Som recent Press:

In a World that increasingly assaults our ears with glitches, beeps & ringtones there is need for something that grounds all this electricity. Bob’s music does just that.’ Music Week.

Bob is a folk artist pushing a positive message. It's the combination of funky folk with meaningful lyrics that makes his music so engaging...’ Tim Ferrone EMI RECORDS 

You can check out his website, music & videos at


Michael De Souza is not just a rapper; by his own admission he is an  oracle of the metaphysical, a guide through the cosmic corridors of consciousness. 

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern philosophy, he fuses the teachings of sages with the beats of the street. The conscious rapper's rhymes serve as a bridge between the esoteric and the everyday, inviting a harmonious coexistence of spiritual truths in the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

The beats accompanying Michael De Souza's verses are not merely rhythms; they are frequencies set to the vibrations of 432hz. All of Michael’s music is truly organic, he produces all his beats/instrumentals, and records/mixes independently! 

He encourages the listener to break free from the chains of materialism and societal conditioning as he challenges the status quo, inspiring a collective awakening that transcends cultural boundaries. 

In a world often overshadowed by superficiality, Michael De Souza emerges as a beacon of light, a conscious and spiritual rapper whose artistry is not just heard but felt. Through the power of rhyme and rhythm, they invite all who listen to embark on a transformative journey—a journey into the sacred corridors of the self. 


Brought together by protest and their subsequent trial, Raw Milk Conspiracy challenge people's conceptions...  Thoroughly disillusioned and frustrated with the output from the conventional, corporate media, RMC took it upon themselves to provide an alternative platform and trusted media outlet.  This is initially concerned with promoting the health benefits of raw milk, and debunking anti raw milk propaganda.

RMC invert common norms.

The mission is to re-educate, in order to wake up as many people as possible to the reality of what is actually going on.

"It's not all white and black"

The Raw Milk Conspiracy


With brand new and pre-loved songs of hope and despair, anger and joy, optimism and resilience: Red Light means STOP! And listen...

Psy (double bass guy - Psy being short for “Psychobilly Si”,and Caff (violin/viola/accordion and vocals, occasional foot-tambourine, mainly responsible for arrangements) attended, in their youth, the same secondary school, in south west Wiltshire - although they didn’t actually know each other back then, being an academic year apart. 

Caff had been playing in bands (various styles and sizes), and recording original material, with Gouldy (acoustic guitar and vocals, does most of the song-writing) for some years - and they had discovered fairly near the beginning of their collaboration that they had a similarly sceptical outlook. So, when Psy suggested a hook-up, and Caff put the idea to Gouldy, and Gouldy said, “Why not?” (he had seen Psy play in one of his bands, prior to this), what began as meeting up for a beer or two soon morphed into, “Why don’t we do some tunes together?”

All three had already envisaged, during those dark early days, a time of no pubs, no music venues, and even no electricity; so the ability to play music totally acoustically, with a high degree of portability, had a certain appeal at the time. Still does…

Hard to describe what Red Light plays (Folkabilly? Pskachobilly? Nothing quite seems to cover it): but all three like all sorts - soul, ska, punk, new wave, psychobilly, garage, folk musics (deliberate plural), baroque, classical, romantic…and much more besides, and most of it sneaks an appearance somewhere along the line in the set. Basically, if at least two out of three feel it’s a good song, it gets given a bash…!



Kernel Ananta is a multi faceted MC & Rapper.

He is equally comfortable hosting a stage at a festival or an event as a classic master of ceremonies / compare as he is hosting one of the world’s best DJ’s in a rave - as he is to bringing the heat in one of his individual showcases.

Kernel has hosted some of drum n bass and the rave scene’s finest and most valued DJ’s over his 28 years of MC’ing, having accompanied Goldie, Fabio, Randall and LTJ Bukem – and Slipmatt, Ellis Dee and Altern 8.

In 2018, Kernel’s spiritual awakening intensified after sitting in ceremony with psychedelic plant medicine entheogens, which hereafter opened the gateway to multi dimensional perception. Powerful downloads of sacred information followed, which prompted Kernel to write songs for his debut E.P, The Golden Gateway.

Over the past few years Kernel has been in the studio with various producer’s co-producing the tracks and recording vocals for this game changing E.P and has begun performing the tracks in his live shows, which are fast becoming a deeply immersive and fun experience for all spiritual seekers and those on the path of awakening.


By his own admission a  musician of freestyling hip hop wordsmithery, Flowmadic has the energy and enthusiasm to perform and bring lovely vibrations to our festival. You can catch him performing some of his favourite works such as  United, Freedom and Question your Reality, Olly (Flowmadic)  will also be part of the Rap Cypher at the festival with mates Ryan Sanders and Michael de Souza because he enjoys  freestyling off the dome in the moment, don't miss him!


Teknik, known mostly for his “Conscious Rap” style is an independent rap artist of Greek Cypriot heritage from North West London, who started his music career as a DJ & Hip-Hop Producer. After developing a passion for writing music, he began to write and record his own at the age of 16. 

 His ability to bounce between conscious lyrics and heavy-hitting flows, makes him a versatile voice. Speaking of life experiences which others can resonate too, Teknik is known to weave consciousness into songs filled with infectious energy. Teknik's latest project "Facts No Fiction" secured the top spot on the iTunes hip-hop & rap pre-order charts, surpassing popular artists like D Block Europe, Unknown T, Rimzee, and a few others. This achievement is even more impressive considering that he is an independent artist without any label support.

From being on popular platforms such as; BlackBox, GRM Daily, Link Up TV & performing in venues all around London, Teknik has had his fair share of experience on the stage & knows how to bring the energy. 

The hard work Teknik displays hasn’t been overshadowed, as Teknik supported “K Koke’s” first show back in London in December 2022, and also headlined the “02 Academy” in Islington back in March 2023. 

 The young rappers endgame goal is to take his music far beyond the United Kingdom and share his music with people all across the globe, motivating people from all walks of life to aspire for greatness and to inspire positivity.


Mad Mix & The Resistance will be performing their chart hit Killer Covid plus Matt the cock and more.

These guys have been fighting for truth and freedom over the past four years. They spread their

message with their unique style of music  and we can't wait


Together with his band, Baba Rai will be playing Folk, Rock and Reggae influenced Music with English, German and Bavarian lyrics. 

Since 2010, the native Bavarian has been receiving songs, that he describes as 'Soulfood, Wellness and Medicine'. 

With the help of his good friends Stefan Musch (Drums, Percussion), Thomas Petermeier (Bass, Flute) and Roland Schröder (Saxophone, Bass,Percussion), Baba Rai passionately encourages community, destiny, purity and peace

and everybody is invited to join the journey: no eye to stay dry, no spirit to stay unawakened, no leg to stay unmoved!

Sweeping arrangements, boundless joy of playing, mantras, sing-along lyrics, percussion orgies, excessive solos and driving rock antics are delightful for  all ages and fashions for an unforgettable and transforming trip.

For 'Sounds Beautiful Festival“, they are playing  Baba Rai's English songs that are all part of the upcoming album entitled 'For the Best' including the two Flat Earth anthems 'Plane simple' and 'Here on earth'

'Music is a gift for us to unite, to uplift and to heal.

Let us build a better world for all of us together.

We are the ones we‘ve been waiting for'


If you want a bit of light relief and a sing along Ben is your man ! Get your vocal chords tuned up because you are gonna want to join in ..

He describes himself as a 'bit of a crooner' singing  Elvis and Dean Martin and can often be seen entertaining in elderly care homes ...

Other artists he performs are The  Righteous Brothers, Frank Sinatra, George Ezra, James Bay Perry Como, The Platters, The Everley Brothers, Tom Jones   and many more !

 A  fun, energetic performer who is always on hand to make the audience feel included in the performance.


Daisy Mae is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Plymouth whose music is in the style of acoustic jazz and indie pop. Most of her songs are in the form of social commentary, with lyrics that focus on having a free mind and living without confines.

She takes inspiration from artists with soulful melodies and truthful lyrics including Bob Marley, Julie London, Billie Holiday, and Bob Dylan.


Hailing from London we first met Laura multitasking as a team member of Jam for Freedom festival and doing an awesome job. 

Laura has presented her own underground sounds show on Soho Radio and no wonder with such a beautiful voice.

When we heard her sing at the 'Freeseeds' film launch we were blown away. 

'A soulful singer belting sounds of love' Laura has teamed up with her band and will be treating us to her soul healing voice and helping unite us.

We can't wait ...


Laura is a vivacious, independent singer/songwriter who channels heart driven creativity with her voice and songs.  She will take you on a journey with divinely downloaded lyrics, accompanied by delicate acoustic guitar.  Laura also uses her voice and singing bowls to create meditative sound journeys that will leave you feeling uplifted, open hearted and connected. 


Ricky is an accomplished traditional Irish folk musician with years of experience touring his homeland of Ireland as well as America and now the UK. His love of Irish music and deep rooted passion for the genre comes across in his powerful vocals and intricate mando cello and guitar playing. Ricky also has big personality and rebellious charm that never fails to entertain an audience with witty quips aplenty. 


Macko Grimmer started out as a dance choreographer in the world of hip hop, teaching styles "breakdancing" "locking and popping" "Street dance" commercial dance" and "Michael jackson choreography " 

He's worked with a few stars in the industry with Janet Jackson choreographer being one of them... he's won competitions and taken part in world dance competitions all over.

But Macko grew up with musicians, his eldest brother lee, lead singer and guitar player of brothers Grimmer and Matt his other older brother who's the drummer and backing vocalist for brothers grimmer. Michael aka Macko grimmer started out as a dancer for Brothers Grimmer but after a few turns of the journey for the band Macko worked his way up to become a guitar player and singer songwriter in his own right.

Macko now performs as a solo artist as well as Co writing for brothers grimmer! His love of music helps him reach more people only with the intention to spread love and make you dance to his tune! With a loving vibe while carrying the edgy sound of grunge acoustic rock!