Sarah Jane is a sound healer and holistic practitioner and has been performing singing for over a decade. She trained in 2019 with Cherub and Tim Wheater and the Sound Healing Academy in Cornwall. Sarah Jane also coordinated the healing barn last year at our local festival.

She has been part of the truth community since 2020 when herself and Gemma C set up Conscious Creators Dorset.

This year Sarah Jane  will invite us to tune into the higher frequencies and our energy systems with some chakra voice sounds to warm up.

We will sing our favourite songs. Some with accompanied tracks and other A Capella from different backgrounds and cultures to uplift and harmonise including 

Bija, mantra and chants, Native American songs and well known and uplifting folk, peace and freedom unity songs

This workshop is open to any ability as we use the voice for our own self healing. As the different harmonies combine and resonate we will all benefit from a beautiful healing experience together.



Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, the yoga of consciousness. Using Asanas (postures), Pranyama (breathing) Mudras (hand postures), Mantra (chanting) and Meditation it works systematically on the energy of your chakras and your 10 etheric bodies to create body, mind, spirit union and balance. It can be dynamic with rapid arm movements or more meditative but either way you will leave feeling transformed, uplifted, serene, contented. Classes are suitable for all as we work at out own pace. Get ready to leave your ego at the door and dive deep.

It is this 'whole aspect for the entire being' that truly captivated Lacey. After 20 years of practicing Iyengar and various other styles of yoga, Lacey found herself fascinated by the practice of Kundalini in 2014 after reading a quote from Russell Brand, “ Kundalini is the crack cocaine of yoga”. Suffering from mild addictions, a work-hard play-hard attitude, depression and functioning through workaholism Lacey transformed her life with Kundalini Yoga. It is from this place that Lacey shares the wisdom of Kundalini with all of her heart.

Kundalini Yoga & Gong :

Lacey is an advanced gong player having trained and certified with the legendary gong masters Don Conreux and Aiden McKentyre for intensive gong & sound training. She has also fulfilled further gong trainings with gong masters Methab Benton and Sheila Whittaker.


Hi I’m Amy and I love practicing yoga and guiding others in their yoga practice through group teaching and one-to-one therapy. Commitment to my practice has helped me manage challenging times in my life; from injuries to pregnancy to loss/grief. Yoga always helps me to feel better in my body and mind by relieving physical and mental tension. 

For me, yoga is the antidote to the pressure and expectations of modern living, it’s a magical coping mechanism that can be deeply healing and fun. I feel stronger and more open, I make healthier decisions, I’m a more patient person and parent, a better listener, and I’m more compassionate, understanding and accepting towards myself and others. 

My experience calls me to share this ancient wisdom with others so you too can become more able and resilient. Together we explore movement, breath-work, mantra and meditation practices that will reestablish our connection to the Earth and our physical bodies, allowing us to build trust, and feel lighter, more spacious and at ease.  The benefits are truly limitless and unique to each person.


Come and join my interactive drum and music circle. We share the rhythm,  harmonise, chant and play - if you like tapping your foot to music, this is for you !  I provide the instruments and you pick what you fancy. We listen to each other, share, play. I end the session with a Sound bath to relax after a rhythmic high vibe workshop.

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My intent, consent and authority is in Cosmic Sovereign Law.  I serve the Law of One with my diamond heart in the centre point of all Union.  I pray for the liberation and freedom for all beings.  May the Truth set us free, as God would have it Be.

Experience the power of deep breath with Qigong and set yourself up for the rest of the day 


Nickita started her birth journey in 2008 when she gave birth to her first daughter. After a very traumatic birth she started asking questions. Her grandmother explained to her that was she had experienced was ‘common’ NOT ‘normal’. This gave Nickita a thirst for birth knowledge and so her journey began. She briefly studied midwifery but quickly decided that was not for her.

Since then she has learned her skills through a rather an unconventional methods. Although she trained to be a doula, she has also gained knowledge from granny midwives and ancient traditional practice.

Nickita will be sharing how choices in birth relate to our sovereign freedom. Nickita has spoken at Jam For Freedom, The Better Way Conference and the Shine Seminars to name a few, as well as being interviewed by Richard Vobes, Mark Attwood, Tess Laurie,Richie Allen, Doc Malik, Maajid Nawaz and the Children’s Health Defence. 

Nickita is a mother to two daughters, an author, birth activist, teacher, traditional birth attendant and singer / songwriter.


We love 'People's Herbs' and they love us. Not only does all the First Aid medicine that we need in minor health ailments grows all around us, there is a wide array of herbs that help us thrive and be healthy. We only focus on using plants that are seasonal, local and available on the site or land on the day. You will be greatly surprised what medicine grows right by your feet:) During the workshop you will learn about best human plant allies, how to prepare them and when to use. We will also help you with ideas on how to create your first Herbal First aid kit and send you home with a small herbal remedy. 


Indulge your senses and elevate your spirit with the ancient tradition of a Cacao Ceremony.

Join us for a magical journey as we gather in a sacred circle to honour the spirit of Cacao, a sacred plant medicine revered for its heart-opening properties and profound healing potential. Immerse yourself in a deeply transformative experience that will awaken your senses, nourish your soul, and cultivate a connection with yourself and the universe.The Ceremony includes :

Ceremonial Preparation

Guided Meditation and Reflection

Sacred Sound Healing

Integration and Community

There will be a donation bowl towards the cost of the cacao for this ceremony


Back pain ? Campers back ? 

The Buttafly Technique is not just a technique. It’s a healing journey that aims to replace your fears with hope and renew your confidence in yourself.

The Buttafly Technique facilitates a natural and curative release of the spine and results in the “Buttafly Effect” – a myriad of transformations throughout body and mind.

The Buttafly Effect refers to the release of the spine that occurs as a direct result of specific positioning of the Buttafly block in supine lying.

With proper application, the Buttafly Technique is effective in providing postural care and back pain relief.

Learn how to incorporate this outstanding new technique endorsed by the Complementary Medical Association into your work for the benefit of your clients.


Toby is the founder of the Sounds Beautiful Festival and three years ago it all started with his bright idea to bring our community together in a field !

His background is in Vipassana and Zen and he has worked with teachers both in the UK and India to develop his practice.

Toby will guide you through some breath-work, movement and concentration on the Sunday morning to ease you into the day after the Saturday night ...