Known for being one half of SL2 of 'On A Ragga Tip' fame, Slipmatt, is often referred to as the "Godfather of Rave", due to his pioneering involvement in the early 90s UK rave scene. Both a DJ and producer, his work has had chart-topping success, and his large fan base regularly tune in to listen to his legendary World of Rave podcasts.

How lucky are we to have him as our Friday night DJ headliner.?..get out the white gloves.... old skool style ....hee hee 


Meet one of your festival directors !

I am  I am - an awesome local DJ from Bournemouth playing Melodic Tech House all the way up to D&B 

'I truly believe that music can help any situation that comes up in your life and I want to say a massive thanks to all the producers we have that have made it possible for people like myself to mix and play to others to help lift people's frequencies in this time of the world's life cycle. Freedom From Trauma provides music for your soul and I wanna raise that frequency so your soul feels great'


'The RISE ABOVE crew don't just host the most controversial  live podcast on Youtube... They are also a collective of DJ's and MC's known for shut down sets at clubs and festivals across the UK and overseas... expect earth shaking bass lines and conscious thought provoking lyrics!'

We are excited to have them on our Friday headline line up on the Hoods in Woods Stage 



'Just world class, plays the best tunes and delivers 100% everyone. Love, love, love her. Keep on raving Foxy.'

Hailing from Leeds and sporting her own LDC weekly radio programme. we saw Miss Vixen at the JFF beach party and just had the best time. She uses vinyl and her tune sets matched the energy she brought to the stage.

We are delighted to have her with us at the first National Sounds Beautiful and we know you will be too ! 

DJ THG and DJ Missy

Hi I am dj Missy, I’ve been DJing over 10 years. Since I was a child I wanted to organise parties and play the music. But at 17 I became a mum and decided to study for my degree.  Whilst at university I got into boxing which led me to coach my own son’s boxing career from amateur to his first professional boxing match. When my son won his first match he surprised me with a pair of headphones, with a note saying ‘thank you for giving up your dream to give me the best upbringing a child could ask for”. 

I was wearing the headphones when I visited the local job centre when a man who worked there approached me and said I look like a dj, I laughed and replied I wish, he then told me a drag artist has left job advert for a dj and that I should apply. I did apply, even though I’ve never played in public before! I got the job and been DJing ever since.  I have played for different crowds from Motown, reggae, dance, charts to underground music, I have a gift of reading the crowd and delivering what the crowd wants. 

Fast forward to 2016 I met Gaz aka Dj THG, we’ve been a couple since 2017. Before we met Gaz had been involved in the rave scene and free parties in Newquay and Brighton he has collaborated with Boy George. Dj THG started as a drum and bass/techno vinyl dj, he also plays house music and 90’s dance music.  

This year we have worked alongside Graham Park, Dario G and K-Klass and so excited to be part of your festival. We both have similar life values and we are working towards creating a more harmonious existence for the community.



When covid was introduced to the world and the people were in a state of lockdown, long time record collector - YogiMan discovered an intimate venue in the middle of a field where he could connect up a sound system and play heavy dub as guidance music and the 'Love & Joy Dub Club' started. 2020 - 2021 was an important time to connect, share joy, spread love, rebalance the inner self, truly a time to be free and build and create.  


YogiMan plays reggae, roots and dub music played in a conscious and heavy bass and drum style and over the last 2 years has been taking the sound to Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire & London to spread the message! 


Roots music is the sound of the people, aligning with Truth, Rights, Freedom, Love under the guidance and protection of the Most High King of Creation! That which people consider the Universal Force!! 


All of the music played is on vinyl therefore its not all accessible on social media. Always giving thanks to the singers and the players of instruments for sharing their message for us to receive such guidance!  




Zachary is the owner of the amazing 'HOODS IN THE WOOD' stage a huge 16k JBL Pro line array system and one of our resident festival DJ's. and played for us at the very first Sounds Beautiful Festival in the star marquee.

Zak plays underground dance house and tech house and can be found DJing at our local underground parties ...


A broad sense of eclecticism is one of the defining characteristics that makes DJ Sensible one of the most unparalleled Producers/Live Artists the UK has seen for sometime. From Dub Reggae and Ghetto Funk to Ska and Northern Soul, this exciting act draws inspiration from a hotbed of cultural influences like no other to carve out a raw and unforgiving Techno blueprint.

Embarking on a whirlwind romance with dance music in his mid-late teens, DJ Sensible’s foray into the world of clubland saw him absorbing the sound of the late ‘90s. He then began to understand a passion for turntablism and controller's, their place within the music-making process, and the limitless technical possibilities within electronic music. Throughout the years, Sensible has continued to refine and develop his arsenal of skills and techniques, aided by implementing various controllers - further diversifying his live performance routines and productions. As a result, he has begun to make a name for himself in the global Techno community, with esteemed labels and events now vying for his work.

Releases on Saytek’s Cubism Records and Pig&Dan’s ELEVATE imprint have propelled DJ Sensible into the electronic fore, with the former securing a #1 spot on Beatport’s Techno chart and the latter also cracking the top 10. Outside of the studio, Sensible has been present throughout clubland and rave culture since the turn of the millennium. He has played everywhere from illegal warehouse raves to club shows and festivals across Europe, including Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Thailand, Spain and the UK.

ADI  J  

After going to the Godskitchen Spring Ball at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes. I quickly found a love for clubbing. In early 1999 I started mixing on sound-lab belt drive decks and learned to play with trance however, I played hard house first at Sundissential in October 2000, I played Hard House all over the UK and then moved into house music after spending three summers in Ibiza 2001-2003.

I love DJing all styles really, I have a passion for Hard House, Trance, House, and Old Skool. I have played across the UK such as clubs like Sundissential, Retro, Kanya Ibiza, Tonic, and Cafe Liliput in India back in the day. I made a recent return to the decks in 2022 after a lengthy break, I played for Reminiscence in Norwich, Freedom Festival 2022/23 alongside the likes of Baby D, Danny Rampling and Slipmatt. I have played for Stand in the Park social events too during 2021 and 2022.