The aim for our festival is not only to bring people together with music, talks, workshops, food, drink and healing …but once the festival is over we want to continue to help our community as much as possible.

Steve has been a core member of the Bournemouth Community Assembly ( BCA ) for the past few years and Wendy Jane has coordinated events and has  now joined the core team. 

The BCA provides an important central point of organisation for educating us in our sovereign rights as humans and helping those who may need help and support with making life choices out of freedom rather than coercion.

Richard Vobes recently interviewed them as part of his YouTube channel where they explained exactly what was needed for the community to expand and also encouraged others to coordinate their own Assemblies.

One of the things envisaged is a hotline for the community to help with alternative mental health or first aid with providers having full knowledge and experience in the medical choices of those asking for help.

There are also a lot of groups that have grown from the BCA. The people who organise these work very hard to fight for our rights, often using their own hard earned money to do this. We feel it’s time we supported them back.

What better way to make this a reality than to hold a festival for everyone to enjoy and use the proceeds to provide a stable and sustainable home and funds for them?

Steve and Wendy are always looking for land to grow food and to have a hub for health and well-being, somewhere people can hold workshops and train others to help within their own community.

Ideally it would  have enough space to hold the festival there too.

We are so looking forward to an amazing 4 days of sun, fun and happiness with all you beautiful people attending… but it will also be a start to something much more..

 Sound beautiful? We think so.

Here's to June 2024 and beyond!