Meet the team


Wendy Jane is a local musician who plays harp, piano, guitar, flute and sings with band Outlandish. She conducts local Choirs and loves to bring people together. She has been instrumental in forming the local Ringwood Community Assembly Freedom group which led to the growth of the  Bournemouth Community Assembly of which she is an active member. 

She took on the Sounds Beautiful Festival last year after being part of the first team two years ago and is so excited to see it grow this year to it's National status. She has been busy running the business side and booking the bands, speakers and DJ's  for you lovely people....and if the schedule goes tits up it's her problem...


Steve Iam Iam is a local DJ who specialises in mixing Music at healing frequencies. His brand of FFT ( Freedom from trauma) aims to release us from blocked trauma dance your inner monkey off to his festival set and get free from your stuff...

Steve is the organiser of Bournemouth Community Assembly the local freedom network, and coordinates the speakers for our monthly meetings. His connections have secured an amazing array of speakers and DJ's for our line up and he also runs the business side of the festival. Any problems with festival organisation he's ya man..

He likes a pint too so if you are having fun him a drink


Tony is affectionately known as the bogs, bins and butt man Aka Super Man by us...He dares to go where no man dares to go and does it with style. Blocked loo ? He's ya man.. Bins overflowing ? Tony is the man who can with his team. 

A builder by trade Tony comes with a multitude of handy skills to help our festival run smoothly.

He also like a pint or two ...or  


A keen supporter of our local community group, and more than an armchair activist (I like to think), I’m thrilled to be a part of the Sounds Beautiful Festival crew for the second year running. I will be increasing my workload to help bring in the joys we can expect from this Festie in 2024, and I’m sooooo very excited about what it promises to bring…..


I will be whatever is needed to make the Festival tick running up to and cooling down afterwards, but my main role during the event will be to host a good food stall. My mate Lou and I are working on the menus as we speak!


With a son of 7 who’s already been to two Glastonbury’s, it’s vital he realises the importance of a community festival, and how bringing together people of like-minds can re-shape our future in such a positive way. The last few years have changed many of us, and the community movements borne out of the chaos and lies are the silver lining for me


Rux is our artistic director. She will decorate the festival for you.....

"I embrace creativity as a fundamental aspect of my identity and I apply it to various facets of my life. I often find myself a source of inspiration and innovation in our community.

With a keen eye for aesthetics, I find beauty in everyday life and that's how my passion grows for ideas and creative projects, whether it's brainstorming for new ventures, planning an event, or pursuing a creative hobby, I invest myself fully in my endeavours.

I aspire to create a unique experience for the festival guests that will uplift their senses, leaving a lasting impression and inspire magic around us."


Pat was on the gate at the last Sounds Beautiful and it was a standing joke that no-one got past her without being thoroughly scrutinised...

This year Pat is staying true to her roots in the healing hill field coordinating the homeopathy tent and liaising with Dolores Cahill and Edward Fitzgerald in their healing hub.

Pat is a homeopath and psychotherapist.

Finding the root cause for the dis-ease is her main goal in healing for clients.


Quentin was our sound man for the last Sounds Beautiful. Unfortunately we lost him on the anniversary of the festival date. We want to include him as without him this festival would not be. 

Always in our hearts 

Our band stage is named after him and he will be with us in spirit xx