Healing Hill 

The Homeopathy Tent 

Feeling stressed out ? Need some emotional support ? Have an ailment that needs attention and want an alternative treatment ? 

The Homeopathy Tent will offer homeopathic remedies for first aid ailments, qualified homeopaths to chat to and ask questions about using homeopathy, what homeopathy can be used for, what a full consultation would entail etc, possibly some short films about homeopathy and its uses; homeopathy around the world


Val Lawrence: London College of Practical Homeopathy, runs and teaches her own homeopathic college in Sussex

Pat Bromley: College of Homeopathy 1985. Ran multidisciplinary clinic and shop for 20 years along with own homeopathic/psychotherapy practice

Rebecca Sturgeon: London College of Practical Homeopathy 1998. Since 2003 been working in South African Townships and teaching bishops and pastors in Africa

Sue Weeks: Salisbury Homeopathic College 2003. College lecturer and runs student teaching clinics

Carol Boyce: College of Homeopathy 1985 Lecturer at several current homeopathic colleges. Film maker and world traveller.


Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill is a world-wide renowned expert in high-throughput proteomics technology development and automation, high content protein arrays .

As well as hosting her own healing hub tent which will be educating communities to set up their own well-being hubs , she will be offering her expertise and insight into medical freedom and choices and how we can make them from an informed place.

Come and claim this rare and unique opportunity to meet the woman at the forefront of our movement.

Did you know, your body requires over 90 essential nutrients to perform its basic tasks and to stay healthy?

Clive de Carle has spent over twenty years researching exceptional and effective supplements.

Despite being fit and healthy, an antibiotic prescription at age 32, sent Clive's  body into extreme shock, resulting in Type 1 diabetes and crippling arthritis. Before he knew it, he could barely walk and soon holding a cup of tea or doing up buttons became impossible. He was hospitalised for weeks and the doctors told me there was no hope of a cure. However, Clive refused to accept the doctor’s verdict and determined to prove them wrong. he threw himself into independent research using natural remedies and  decided to check himself out of the hospital and commenced a program of nutritional supplementation which completely reversed all the symptoms of arthritis. The doctors were astounded yet disinterested 

His  recovery triggered a new thirst for knowledge. He developed a burning desire to find out what further hidden cures for disease might exist that could benefit humanity. he decided an important step would be to deepen his understanding of nutrition and moved to Andalucia in Spain, purchased an organic farm and set about deepening his understanding of old plant varieties and our ancestor’s gardening techniques along with the relationship between soil conditions, nutrient levels and health.

Clive will be bringing along his Tesla inspired Shiftwave Chair: Shiftwave is a breakthrough wellness system that uses intelligent patterns of pulsed-pressure wave variation to fully reset the nervous system and create a profound psychophysiological experience in just 10 minutes, plus an array of supplements to nurture your body back to balance.

Catch his talk in the Main Marquee too...

 Edward Fitzgerald (@edfitzgeralduk on social media)

 Edward has an eclectic business background having started his  first business aged 23. He has  experience of taking 4500 innovative high tech products and services from concept, through regulatory/technical/cultural obstacles to first customer shipment in 80 countries.

He's  raced a yacht non-stop around Britain & Ireland; raced countless Fastnet races; sadly hit a whale in the middle of the night whilst racing in the southern ocean and almost fell overboard; battled violent storm force 11 winds and huge seas in a 30 foot yacht to win a race overall; experienced the solar green flash and rare lunar green flash whilst racing with the British Army in the Caribbean...

following a traumatic brain injury whilst racing a friend’s yacht in 2011 Edward was told he would not recover. He set about healing his own brain providing living proof neuroplasticity,  Edward learned  to read again and recover lost connections to his  memories, and has since  since co-authored a best-selling book “The Success Blueprint” with Brian Tracy, and helped produce an award-winning documentary about Brian’s life story called “ Maximum Achievement ”.

He was Executive Producer on an inspirational movie Dreamer which won 3 EMMY® Awards, it tells the individual stories of ordinary people, who became extraordinary by following their dreams and ended up transforming the lives of millions in the process.

 Watch it for free here: edward-fitzgerald.com/show-reel/dreamer

His  solutions based book “Smoke & Mirrors” which poses the question ‘Is everything they told you about the Monarchy and the law a lie?’ was downloaded and read in 39 countries within its first 6 weeks.

Edward's  life experiences have taught him  that in order for communities and businesses to thrive and survive in the new epoch, there has to be an even balance between the different dimensions: Purpose-led, congruence of core values with ethical and moral integrity throughout, humanity, planet, innovation and adding value. There is a need for compassionate leaders to do the right thing and for individuals to evolve and transform to enable them to thrive in the new epoch we are embarking on. He created the Maximum Impact Philosophy to act as a framework to assist with that transformation, the philosophy can be applied on a personal, business, community, and nation level.

"Above all I have a vision and a mission “To transform 3 billion lives – one mind at a time”

His new video interview series launched on 16 th December 2023 called !NSP!R!NG M!NDS, which follows the core philosophy that human potential is both Unbounded and Unlimited. He hosts a variety of extraordinary individuals from Authors to Olympians, World Record holders to World Changers, and most importantly everyday people who have become Extraordinary by overcoming adversity and following their dreams.