The Speakers & Comedians 

Very excited to have the UK Column team attending Sounds Beautiful. They have been at the very forefront for truth and one of the most extensive researchers on any subject they tackle 

UK Column and team will be presenting a live news broadcast with you guys at Sounds Beautiful but we also have some very exciting ideas that will be shared soon 

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes real passion is the topical, political and intellectual – delivered in a frequently provocative manner. Operating on many levels Steve's eloquently argued points are always passionate and delivered with blistering conviction. His eclectic mix of quirky anecdotes and witty one-liners has earned him legions of fans across the U.K., 

Chatting with the casual confidence of a comic at home in front of a crowd Steve Hughes' acute observations on British life are packed with conviction and passion about stuff that really matters to him. Steve's philosophy - The idea of multiculturalism is meaningless, when there is in reality only one culture ....

Matt le Tissier

Ex-premier league legend footballer Matt Le Tissier  talks openly and honestly about some very controversial topics. 

After losing his job at Sky, , Matt has become vocal about why free speech is in danger from cancel culture and corruption as well as his own career  career and how the world of football has changed.

We are so excited to have him to talk with us with his pal Richard Vobes interviewing him in the hot seat.

Dolores Cahill 

Prof. Dr Dolores Cahill is a world-wide renowned expert in high-throughput proteomics technology development and automation, high content protein arrays .

As well as hosting her own healing hub tent which will be educating communities to set up their own well-being hubs , she will be offering her expertise and insight into medical freedom and choices and how we can make them from an informed place.

Come and claim this rare and unique opportunity to meet the woman at the forefront of our movement.

Richard Vobes

The podcaster whose talks and interviews have gone insanely viral.

" The world is an odd place at the moment everything you thought you knew is clearly not right.

I am pondering the mysteries, questioning the narrative and trying to get at the truth. Hoping to uncover some of the secrets.

I’m not an expert but just using a little critical thinking, some common sense with a touch of the whimsical >


Aidan Kililian

REVIEW / CHORTLE (By Steve bennett)

“he shares traits with his countryman Tommy Tiernan in the bright-eyed impishness after delivering a provocative line, or the distillation of a grand idea into a poetic nugget.”


Abi Roberts


Not only is Abbie Roberts one of the most funny comedians of our time just looking at her reviews shows what you can expect 

rapid-fire, infectious humour (NEW STATESMAN)

A gifted comedy performer  (EDINBURGH’S THREE WEEKS)

She really is more than just a stand-up


And we at Sounds Beautiful are really looking forward to seeing her 

Mad Mick

Mad Mick......Well what can we say about Mick that you wouldn't know already. Mick will be joining us to discus how he fell for certain groups that had lead him down the wrong garden path 

This is gonna be an interesting talk full of comedy and grit, so hold on tight and let Mad Mick take you on the ride of truth  


Joy Angelthorn 

Joy has worked with Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler in her training.

Hypnosis, NLP, Mind Control, Altered States the differences, effective use and misuse by Joy Angelthorn.

Naturally awake, Joy will share her journey of mind transmutation, discovering her own metaphysics and how she discovered naturally in her mind were secrets of the ancients, and how understanding the benefits of comprehending what is often known as ‘mind control’, ‘NLP’ etc.

Joy will also share fun insights into methods she uses for managing and balancing our own minds, helping us become less ‘triggered’ and more effective in everything we do.

 Clive De Carle 

Clive De Carle has been lucky enough to have advised thousands of clients and Is more convinced than ever that most disease can be primarily explained as nutrient deficiency and toxicity. He has also been privileged enough to have met, interviewed and worked with many of the leading lights in the health world, from whom he's learned so many miraculous solutions to the health issues of today 

Clive De Carle will be talking about his endeavours to help and heal us though everting he has learned so far and we are very happy to help him

Ivor Cummins

Ivor Cummins is a Technical Manager / Team Leader, Biochemical Engineer, Complex Problem Solving Specialist, Technologist, WW2 and Psychology buff. 

Ivor has been doing sold out talks around the UK talking about the food industry and the history or our world and the world leaders. The team has seen his 2023 talk and we were  amazed by the wealth of knowledge Ivor. We can't wait to share the experience with you all 

Flat Earth Dave 

 David Weiss, widely known as Flat Earth Dave, is a prominent figure in the realm of alternative cosmology and an esteemed educator within the flat earth community. With an unwavering commitment to challenging mainstream narratives, he has become the go-to expert for those seeking a deeper understanding of the flat earth perspective.

As the most popular educator on the flat earth topic, Flat Earth Dave has captivated audiences worldwide with his engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions. His ability to communicate complex ideas in a comprehensible manner has earned him a reputation as a key influencer in the growing movement.

Flat Earth Dave's groundbreaking contributions extend beyond live events and discussions. He has revolutionized the way individuals explore and learn about flat earth through his innovative teaching app, the Flat Earth Sun, Moon, and Zodiac Clock App. This cutting-edge application provides users with a comprehensive tool to navigate the flat earth model, offering insights into the celestial mechanics of the sun, moon, and zodiac.

Through his work, Flat Earth Dave has not only fostered a community of critical thinkers but has also challenged conventional perspectives on the nature of our world. As a featured speaker at the Sounds Beautiful Truth Festival, he continues to inspire and educate, inviting participants to question the accepted norms and embark on a journey of intellectual exploration.

Allegedly Dave

Hi, I'm known as Allegedly Dave and I am just an ordinary bloke from Basildon in Essex who has had some pretty extraordinary things happen to him.

I experienced a mid-life crisis in 2005 and began a journey of self discovery culminating in a realisation that in order for any of this madness to change, I had to "Be the change that I wanted to see" and to me, that meant turning away from the system that is enslaving us, taking back responsibility for all aspects of my life, help my fellow man and hopefully inspire others by example 

Mark Devlin

Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ and music journalist, specialising in black/dance music in its many forms. In recent years Mark has begun speaking about the dark forces that have been manipulating the music industry for decades. This led to the publication of his book Musical Truth in 2016, with Volume 2 following in early 2018. His debut novel, The Cause & The Cure, arrived early 2020. 

Ian Leahy

Ian, a seasoned flat earth researcher and the creative force behind Flat Earth Social, brings his nine years of expertise to the forefront in his captivating presentation, "History of Flat Earth." Beyond tracing the historical contours of flat earth theories, Ian seamlessly integrates a spiritual dimension, exploring the divine aspects of this unconventional worldview. Through thought-provoking insights and a nuanced exploration of history, he invites audiences to contemplate not just the physical shape of our world but also its metaphysical significance, fostering a holistic understanding of the flat earth perspective.